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Michelle with Odette

I have owned and loved poodles for 26 years. It was an unexpected turn of events that led me to my first ever standard poodle and also my first ever dog Juan. I have had several other breeds since but have never been without a poodle - I do not think that there is any other breed for me.

All my life dogs were my first love, my parents were cat people so no dog in the family while I was growing up.

At the age of 17 I started my first job as a trainee pet groomer and still love my job to this day, I have various qualifications and all of them related to animals. I work from my home now so that I can be there for my dogs and children. I have two girls age 16 and 19 who love the dogs as much as I do. It is because of them that we decided to get a miniature poodle - we wanted something that was smaller to handle so that the girls felt involved with the dogs. The funny thing is that since then my eldest has taken to training Paris one of our standards. I love the mini's attitude full of energy and fun.

I started to get involved in breeding about 16 years ago, not my own dogs but a small breeder of standard poodles and in 1997 she gave me my best friend, Magic.

Magic had 2 litters before being spayed and it was a wonderful experience. As Magic got older we decided to get a second dog, so computer in hand I searched and I came across details and parti colours and had to know more. With much research I managed to find a breeder that I was happy with and also that would send one to the UK, after what seemed to be a life time Ariana arrived, I now have several parti girls and I am glad that along with others they are now more accessible in the UK.

Aside from my husband it is an all female house, I love the female poodles, which works well for our breeding as Sara likes the males and has an all male house.

Not everyone will agree with me, but I find the females a little more independent and with hormones a little more quirky - just like myself!

I am sure when I have chance I will add to this page but for now I am off to walk dogs, take care, Michelle.

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